Call To Action

As you already know our struggle was fruitful and the Prawer-Begin Bill was overthrown. Congratulations and again thank you for your support and action. We celebrate this victory and we continue.

What will happen next? 

Now we focus on a more structural solution to the problem- recognition of the 34 bedouin villages. Israel wants to take the 800000 dunums and displace the 70000 Bedouins. It will continue their attempts to do so by de facto steps on the ground – home demolitions and evictions or through another attempt to drafting a law or a regulations. All the time claiming that the villages are “illegal” because they are not recognized on their master plan although some are more than 60years old.

SO, our next phase of the struggle and our campaign is: to achieve recognition of all the Bedouin villages in the Naqab, immediate halt of home and crop demolition, and supply of services. If we win that, we put an end to their attempts to take that land. This way we ensure that the Land rights of all Palestinian-Bedouins are enshrined and respected.

19.December Join Us in Organizing

We are continuing with the 19th of December as our day of action. We are calling the day Marching for Recognition. #Marching4Recognition

Locally: We are now collecting signatures of representatives of each one of the villages to a letter that demands recognition of the villages, immediate halt to home demolitions, and supply of services. On the 19th of December, we will march to submit the demands and signatures to embassies and international organizations in Tel Aviv. And Arab members of the Knesset will also be presenting the demand.

Internationally: We will send you copies of the demand letter signed by each one of the villages, we ask you to add your voice to theirs, and present it to decision makers in your country. We leave it to you to decide the most suitable tactic given the time and the context. It could be pressure meetings with officials and parliamentarians. It could be a human chain or a demonstration. It could be rallying signatures of celebrities and opinion leaders and publicizing it.

Please write us ( as soon as possible with your response to our call and what you have in mind to list your event and publicize it. We won the first one, we will win this one too. We will not relent nor waver.

Also please share this call to action with as many activists and supporters as possible.


The Campaign’s International Team





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