The Prawer Won’t Pass Campaign

In March of 2013, the popular campaign opposing the Israel’s newest large-scale ethnic cleansing plan, the Prawer-Begin plan was launched.  The Prawer-Begin plan, is implemented, will result in the destruction of over 35 unrecognized Palestinian-Bedouin villages, the forced displacement of more than 70,000 Palestinian-Bedouins, and the appropriation of 800,000 Dunams (approx.197684 acres) of Palestinian land in al-Naqab. It is without a doubt the single biggest ethnic cleansing campaign Israel has launched since 1948.

Our campaign was initially initiated by a group of youth from al-Naqab who sought to bring forth the human story behind the headlines and showcase the detrimental impact of the Prawer-Begin Plan on the lives of Palestinian-Bedouins. The campaign received a positive response from the local community and based on that, the decision was taken that the time was ripe for a larger more organized mobilization on the ground. With few resources, but with patience, commitment and determination we managed to engage with al-Naqab’s community and with wider Palestinian community. We managed to link the yearly commemoration of Al-Nakba, the Palestinian catastrophe of 1948, to the prospect of another Nakba in al-Naqab. As with any relatively successful campaign, events took a life of there own.

Today, the popular mobilization has reached new heights with activists from across Palestine joining us and becoming part and parcel of our efforts. The 15th of July general strike and protests was another milestone in our concerted efforts. Thousands of Palestinians from Ramallah, Hebron, Haifa, Jaffa, Akka, Al-Naqab as well as our supporters from across the world joined in opposing the Prawer-Begin plan. 15th of July was shortly followed by another major mobilization on August 1st. Again, Palestinians from across the political and social spectrum mobilized on the ground sending a strong and unequivocal message to the apartheid government of Israel that “Prawer Won’t Pass”.

We, a group of youth, are united by our opposition to the continuous injustices facing the Palestinian people. We are united by our opposition to Israel’s policy, which continuously violates our rights as the indigenous people on this land. We believe that our rights cannot be forsaken and that through concerted, well-organized and sustainable mobilization we can and will enshrine our inherent rights to our land. We refuse to be dislodged, displaced, disposed or abnegated from the source of our livelihood, our land.  Our bond with our land is eternal; it is rooted, absolute and non-negotiable.

Among us is Rateb, who witnessed the demolishment of his own home and who also saw his brother’s home smashed repeatedly on the hands of Israeli apartheid authorities. Rateb paid dearly, not only in the material loss he suffered, but also in memories he was denied of making. We have with us, Hind, who painfully helped a young couple, clear their home from cherished objects, before it was shattered into unrecognizable pieces. For Hind and Rateb and for thousands of others silence is not an option. Silence is to accept the unacceptable and to legitimize the illegitimate.

Al-Naqab is Palestinian, Arab and free. Al-Naqab is part and parcel of our identity as a Palestinian collective. We seek al-Naqab that is safe for its residents, were the indigenous and rightful owners are secure and prosperous. We seek al-Naqab were the melancholy of the moment is shattered by glimpses of hope, of those from across Palestine and the world, still united, still free and still committed in taking upon themselves the task of preventing a grave injustice from occurring.

This who we are! Join us in being part of the struggle.

Join the Prawer Won’t Pass Campaign


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  1. sue cooke says :

    Just to say keep up the good work….

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