5 Ways You Can Help

Types of Actions you can undertake:

1. Call on your government to take action 

World governments must pressure Israel to abandon the Prawer Plan and impose sanctions if it goes ahead with it.

Take action to push your government to act by lobbying foreign ministries, organizing demonstrations at government buildings, letter writing or meeting with members of parliaments. Members of parliament should be encouraged to boycott any relations with the Knesset, including meetings with individual MKs and hosting official Israeli delegations, given Knesset’s role in enacting racist legislation that directly discriminates against Palestinians (link to BNC statement).

2. Step up pressure tactics on Israel 

We need to show Israel that there is huge international opposition to the Prawer Plan. As well as pressuring our governments to take action, we can do this by organising demonstrations outside Israeli embassies, publishing articles in the media (see below) and intensifying boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel.

We should also encourage civil society organizations such as trade unions and NGOs and prominent supporters of Palestine like artists and academics to speak out against the Prawer Plan and the Israeli government.

3. Publish articles, opinion pieces and letters in the media

There has been relatively little coverage of the intent and implications of the Prawer Plan. We can help address this by writing opinion pieces and letters for mainstream media and urging mainstream media to cover the story. There are spokespeople from the Prawer Shall Not Pass campaign available to give interviews.

Don’t forget about social media and progressive, independent media outlets too!

4. Take action against the companies and institutions that will help Israel carry out the Prawer Plan

International corporations such as Caterpillar, Hyundai, Volvo and JCB provide the equipment that Israel uses to carry out its demolitions in the Naqab area. Join campaigns to boycott these companies and encourage investment bodies to remove their money from them.

The Jewish National Fund is playing a key role in the Prawer Plan by leading in the Blueprint Negev project which aims at ensuring a Jewish majority in the Naqab at the expense of the Palestinians who will be pushed out of their homes to give way to Jewish-only towns.  The JNF operates and fundraises in more than 50 countries, often taking advantage of tax breaks by being a registered charity.

5. Use the media to reach out to a wider audience

There will be major mobilizations across all of Palestine as part of the Day of Rage on 30 November. During the last two big mobilizations against the Prawer Plan on 15th of July and August 1st, thousands of Palestinians went to the streets in opposition to the plan. The movement has continued to grow since.

Please help disseminate information about the upcoming Day of Rage on 30 November by reposting reports on social media, sharing articles with your friends, families and organizations you are a member of and contacting media outlets to urge them to cover the demonstrations.

However you decide to participate, please let us know your plans by emailing Prawerwontpass@gmail.com. Show your support for the Prawer Won’t Pass campaign and the Day of Rage on social media including by using the logo for the Day of Rage as your profile picture, using the hash tag #StopPrawerPlan and by sharing and spreading our international Facebook page.


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